The University of Arkansas Student Chapter of the

Association for Women in Mathematics

2019-2020 The University of Arkansas AWM Student Chapter Officers

President: Sarah Oldfield
Vice-President: Ashley Spann
Secretary: Logan Siems
Treasurer: Abigail Rhodes

AWM Student Membership

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As a member of AWM, you will receive AWM listserv announcements, including links to the electronic version of each issue of the AWM Newsletter. On the application page select ‘AWM Student Chapter Membership”’ which leads you to the next step of the application. Please try to use your school email address for the student chapter you are requesting membership from. 

The rest of the steps request more detailed contact and demographic information, you will be prompted to review your information and submit your application on the last step.  After you submit your application, you will see a confirmation page stating that your membership application has been processed.

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Bylaws of the University of Arkansas Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics

Article I: Name

  1. This organization shall be called the University of Arkansas Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics. In these Bylaws it is referred to as the Chapter; the Association for Women in Mathematics is referred to as the AWM.

Article II: Purpose

  1. The Chapter is organized and will be operated for educational and scientific purposes to promote the following:
    1. an increased knowledge of and greater interest in the mathematical sciences, including pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and their applications;
    2. a greater understanding of the contributions of women in the mathematical sciences; and
    3. mentoring and encouraging women and girls as they prepare for careers in the mathematical sciences.

Article III: Membership

  1. Membership in the Chapter shall be open to any student at the University of Arkansas, regardless of gender identity or expression, race, color, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

Article IV: Executive Council

  1. The Executive Council shall consist of the Officers (see Article VI), the Sponsor (see Article V), and Chairs of the Standing Committees (see Article VIII).

Article V: Sponsor

  1. Each Chapter shall have a Sponsor. The Sponsor shall be a faculty member of the University of Arkansas and a member of AWM.
  2. The Sponsor shall be generally responsible for the activities of the Chapter. Specifically, the Sponsor:
    1. helps provide continuity from year to year as student leadership and personnel change; and
    2. helps maintain university standards in all activities of the Chapter.

Article VI: Officers

  1. The Officers of this Chapter shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Treasurer position may be combined with either the Vice President or Secretary position.
  2. Each of the Officers of the Chapter must be a member of AWM.
  3. The Officers shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast by the Chapter members in an Annual Election. The Officers shall take office on and serve for one year.
  4. No person may serve in the office of President or Vice President for more than two consecutive years.
  5. If a vacancy should arise between elections, the Executive Council shall appoint a new Officer to fill the vacated post until the next election.

Article VII: Duties of Officers

  1. The President is the principal Officer and is responsible for leading the Chapter and managing its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of the AWM and these chapter bylaws. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and of its Executive Council.
  2. The Vice President shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President, assist the President in the management of the Chapter, and perform other duties that may be assigned by the President.
  3. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Chapter and Executive Council meetings. Other duties of the Secretary include:
    1. Maintaining the records of the Chapter;
    2. Annual submission of the Officer and Sponsor contact information to the AWM Headquarters;
    3. Submission of any proposed amendment to these bylaws to the AWM Committee on Student Chapters (proposed amendments must be approved by AWM before they can be submitted to the Chapter’s membership for a vote);
    4. Tallying and reporting votes from the Annual Election; and
    5. Handling other correspondence pertaining to chapter business
  4. The Treasurer shall collect dues, pay all bills, and maintain the Chapter’s financial records. Duties of the Treasurer also shall include:
    1. Preparation of the Chapter’s Annual Financial Report for annual presentation to the Chapter.

Article VIII: Standing Committees

  1. The following standing committees are recommended: Program and Publicity.
    1. The Program Committee shall plan and make arrangements for Chapter meetings.
    2. The Publicity Committee shall maintain a mailing list for and publish and distribute all notices and publicity to the members of the Chapter.
  2. Additional committees may include, but are not limited to, the following: Membership, Community Outreach, Seminar Series, Site Visits, and Collaborative Events.
  3. The Chair of each Standing Committee shall serve on the Executive Council.

Article IX: Temporary Committees

  1. The President may appoint temporary committees as appropriate.

Article X: Meetings and Activities

  1. Meetings shall be held only in places that are open and accessible to all members of the Association.
  2. All meetings of the Chapter shall be publically advertised via written (e.g., flyers) or electronic (e.g., web page) means.

Article XI: Publications and Communications

  1. Any publications or communications (written, oral, or electronic), other than those of a purely factual and non-controversial nature, from the Chapter or any persons acting on behalf of the Chapter, shall include the following disclaimer: “The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Association for Women in Mathematics.”

Article XII: Disbursements and Dues

  1. Disbursements from the Treasury for Chapter expenditures shall be made by the Treasurer with authorization of the Executive Council and shall be included in the minutes of its meetings.
  2. Dues, if any, shall be fixed annually by the Executive Council.

Article XIII: Amendment and Voting Procedures

  1. All proposed changes to these Chapter Bylaws shall be approved by the AWM Committee on Student Chapters before being presented to the Chapter membership for a vote.
  2. No official business of the Chapter shall be conducted unless a quorum is involved. A quorum of the Chapter shall be defined as 10% percent of the voting membership of the Chapter or at least 3 members, whichever is greater.
  3. A simple majority of the voting members involved shall be required to carry a motion.
  4. Officers will be elected by a plurality of votes cast.

Article XIV: Dissolution of the Chapter

  1. Failure to adhere to these Bylaws may result in the suspension of the Chapter, as determined by the AWM Committee on Student Chapters.