This Rules of Procedure (hereinafter called “Rules”) apply to the SIAM Student Chapter called “University of Arkansas Chapter of SIAM”.
The Student Chapter to which these Rules apply is formed by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and shall operate within the Bylaws of the parent organization. The SIAM bylaws specify how Chapters are formed; see the SIAM bylaws for details. The Chapter shall not affiliate with any other organization without first obtaining the written approval of SIAM. Provisions for SIAM Student (University) Chapters are contained in the SIAM Bylaws and are included in these Rules. No provisions of these rules shall be construed so as to contradict the Bylaws of SIAM.

The objectives of SIAM, as established in the Certificate of Incorporation, are:
o To further the application of mathematics to industry and science.
o To promote basic research in mathematics leading to new methods and techniques useful to industry and science.
o To provide media for the exchange of information and ideas between mathematicians and other technical and scientific personnel.

Purposes of the Chapter shall be consistent with the objectives of SIAM.
o To promote interdisciplinary activities and develop interactions among the students and faculty in sciences and engineering departments of University of Arkansas.
o To provide a learning environment to develop and improve students’ skills in applied mathematics, computational science and engineering.

The Chapter has the following proposed activities:
1. Tours of industrial and research laboratories including the identification of the skills that students need for their careers.
2. Organize interdisciplinary activities in natural sciences, computational science and engineering with other departments on campus including lectures and team projects.
3. Organize movie nights to watch videos of Invited Lectures and Prize Lectures from SIAM Archives.
4. Organize seminars which help to learn more about projects of faculty members and students in sciences and engineering departments.
5. Host Student Research Day for students to give talks and present their projects.

The students will be recruited mainly from J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas.

Section 1. Any student engaged or interested in mathematics or computing and their applications shall be eligible for membership in this Chapter. SIAM encourages chapters to be interdisciplinary, including student members from multiple departments.
Section 2. There will be no annual membership dues. The Chapter will have two different types of membership levels. Full member of the Chapter must attend at least 4 activities and 4 meetings per academic year. Junior member of the Chapter must attend at least 2 activities and 2 meetings per academic year. Membership types will be determined on or before March 31, prior to call for Officer election nominations.
Section 3. Chapter members shall have the privileges of SIAM membership only if they are regular or student members of SIAM. Full Chapter members shall be eligible to be nominated for Officer positions during elections. Junior Chapter members shall have voting rights only and shall not be eligible to be nominated for Officer elections.
Section 4. All members of the chapter who are students enrolled in the sponsoring institution(s) are eligible for free student memberships in SIAM. Chapters shall encourage their members to join SIAM either online or by submitting printed membership applications to SIAM so that complimentary student membership in SIAM can be processed. Free student memberships may be renewed every year that the student remains a student member of the chapter.
Section 5. Termination of student membership will take place upon graduation or withdrawal from the university.

Section 1. The Sponsor is University of Arkansas, Department of Mathematical Sciences.
Section 2. The Sponsor of the Chapter shall appoint a Faculty Advisor for the Chapter. The Advisor must be a member in good standing with SIAM. In the event said Advisor relinquishes his/her position, the Sponsor shall appoint a new Advisor. The responsibilities, rights and duties of the Faculty Advisor shall be those normally assigned to the Faculty Advisor of student organizations of the Sponsor, but in addition, the Faculty Advisor is expected to take leading role in the development of the Chapter activities consistent with the objectives of SIAM.

Section 1. The Chapter shall have a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Officers shall be chosen from Full Student Members of the Chapter and must be Student Members in good standing with SIAM.
Section 2. The President shall preside at the meetings of the Chapter (and the Chapter Executive Committee (see Article VII below)). In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President. In the absence of the latter, the Secretary shall assume said duties. The Vice-President shall take attendance at the meetings and issue the list of members of the Chapter by March 31, prior to the call for Officer election nominations.
Section 3. The Secretary shall keep a record of the affairs of the Chapter, handle correspondence, and submit an annual report of Chapter activities to the Secretary of SIAM, which report shall be suitable for publication in SIAM News or its equivalent.
Section 4. The Treasurer shall receive and take custody of Chapter funds, and shall submit an annual Treasurer’s Report and other financial reports, as requested, to the Treasurer of SIAM. The annual Treasurer’s Report shall be prepared as of the end of the academic year and shall be transmitted to the Treasurer of SIAM by no later than 30 days following the end of the academic year.
Section 5. The terms of office will be for one year. Re-election of an officer for an additional term is permitted.

Section 1. The incumbent officers shall have responsibility for Chapter management and decision making. The President shall be the chair and decisions should be made by consensus.
Section 2. If there is a vacancy in one of the incumbent Officer positions, then there should be an election of a new officer.

Section 1. At the end of the academic year, the Chapter will hold election for the Officer positions. The election process begins after the Chapter memberships are awarded on or before March 31. A ‘Call for Nominations” will be send to the listserv                         The date of election will be in April at the regular meeting of the Chapter. Nominees must be eligible as stated in Article VI.
Section 2. If the voting does not lead to a decision, the Faculty Advisor has the deciding vote.

Section 1. There shall be at least 12 meetings per year. The meetings will coincide with lectures and seminars mentioned above.
Section 2. The Chapter shall conduct a business meeting once per year during the month of September. Other business meetings may be called by the President or the Treasurer on two weeks notice.

Section 1. There are no annual membership dues. The Chapter may levy voluntary dues, collect registration fees for conferences or workshops organized by the Chapter, and otherwise raise funds in any lawful manner consistent with these Rules and the Bylaws and Certificate of Incorporation of SIAM.
Section 2. Not applicable.
Section 3. Section 3. The Chapter shall deposit all funds into an account at a financial institution under the Chapter’s name or place them into an account at their university. All unused funds remain the property of SIAM [see Article XIII,Section 3.]
Section 4. The Treasurer shall maintain books of account that show income and expense items for all activities and balances for all accounts of the Chapter.
Section 5. The Chapter may request a grant or loan from the Treasurer of SIAM under the provision of Article XIi, Chapter 8 of the Bylaws of SIAM. Such requests shall be made by submission of “Request for Funding” form to SIAM and include a current financial statement for the Chapter and a proposed budget for the requested funds.
Section 6. Other than seeking funds from the sponsoring institutions of the chapter, no officers or member of the Chapter may apply for a grant to support the Chapter activities or enter into any contract to support such activities or provide services, without approval of the President and the Treasurer of SIAM or the Executive Director acting on behalf of the Treasurer.

Section 1. These Rules may be altered or amended with the approval of the SIAM Board of Trustees. Submission to the board of proposal alterations or amendments shall be made only after approval by majority vote of members of the Chapter present (or represented by proxy) at a scheduled meeting.

Section 1. A Chapter may terminate itself by the unanimous vote of the members of the Chapter present (or represented by proxy) at a scheduled meeting, provided that notice of the proposed termination and the meeting at which it is to be considered has been given to all Chapter members at least 30 days in advance.
Section 2. A Chapter may be terminated by the board if there has been no Chapter activity for one year.
Section 3. In the event a Chapter terminates, the funds to which it has legal title shall revert to the account of SIAM