About SIAM!

Why you should join

  • Opportunities to network with peers and faculty
  • Meet professionals from major research institutions and corporations who were once where you are now
  • Increased visibility in the applied mathematics and computational science communities
  • Access to cutting edge research
  • Resources for identifying and developing career options in applied and computational math
  • If you apply for a SIAM Student Travel Award to attend a SIAM conference, your membership might tip the balance in your favor if all other qualifications among candidates are equal.

What you will get:

Student members of University of Arkansas SIAM student chapter are now eligible for free SIAM student memberships.


How members of University of Arkansas Student chapter can get free SIAM memberships?

Students may join online and claim free membership by virtue of their association with the chapter. After completing the online application, students will receive email confirmation and a new member orientation packet in the mail. Note: in order to receive a free student membership, you must have a current education record in your online account and an entry in the “Student Chapter Membership” section.

    1. To check or add this information, log in, click on “My Account” at the top of the page; under “affiliations” on the left sidebar, click on “educational background.”
    2. If the education record is not current, click on “Add Education” and complete all information requested.
      1. To ensure that you will qualify for a free student membership, when filling in the name of the Institution in your education record, be sure to select a name from the dropdown box rather than typing in the name. You will know that you have selected the name from the dropdown box if it appears in all caps.  If the name of the institution includes lower case letters, go back and select the name from the dropdown box.
      2. If you already have an education record, confirm that the entry for “Institution” is in all caps. If it is not, select the name of your institution from the drop down box and click on “submit”.
    3. If the “Student Chapter Membership” is not current, click on “Add/Update Chapter” and select your chapter. Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page and complete the process of joining.